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Your Husband is a Maradona in Bed, Woman Tells Her Daughter After Secret Affair Exposed



A woman, identified as Madam Cynthia, has confessed to sleeping with her daughter’s 46-year-old husband, Joseph, in Nasarawa State.

The secret romantic affair between Cynthia and her son-in-law was blown open after her six-year-old grandson reported their escapade to his mother, Doris.

According to The Nation, Cynthia and Joseph were involved in a romantic relationship before his marriage to her daughter.

28-year-old Doris married Joseph, a sales manager with a private company, and was oblivious that he and her mother were dating.

On January 18, when Madam Cynthia visited her daughter’s matrimonial home in New Nyanyan, Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, she and her son-in-law decided to engage in fresh romance sessions during the visit. Unfortunately, their six-year-old son ran into them in one of the sessions and later let the cat out of the bag.

Madam Cynthia admitted to the romantic affair and pleaded with her daughter for forgiveness.

She said, “My husband died about 20 years ago, and I never found another man of my dreams until I met Joseph. He is a kind and generous gentleman. He is also very strong and very good in bed.

“He gave me the most satisfaction I ever had with a man in bed. Because of that, I did not want to lose his company, so I recommended him to you (Doris). I insisted that he must get married to you so you could have a taste of what he is made of.”

Narrating the incident, Doris said, “I met my husband through my mother in Lafia in 2018. I had just completed NYSC and she introduced him to me as someone who was very good and generous and would never maltreat me.

“Looking at Joseph, although he was not too young, he actually appeared gentle and promising. He would come to my mother’s restaurant every evening after the close of work, but I never suspected that he was also going out with my mother.

“She actually hid her main reason for linking the two of us together. My mother did not want my husband to get married to another woman basically because of his sexual prowess and kindness.

“To my admiration, Joseph actually showed commitment, making sure that all my needs were met even without me asking.

“Within a short time, he proved to me that he was actually a good man in addition to what my mother told me.

“We eventually got married in 2018, and two years later, we relocated to New Nyanyan because he had secured a civil service job for me in Abuja and also opened a salon for me.

“Before I could say anything, she knelt down and said she was sorry I found out about their relationship the way I did, but she was not sorry she got both of us together.

“I have three kids and I am presently four months pregnant. My mother, a very careful woman, had told me after my marriage that she felt fulfilled that I got married to Joseph.

“She was always coming on visits, and would always ask whether I was enjoying my marriage. And I truly was enjoying it, because my husband did make life easy for me and my kids.

“She was always calling or visiting, and I thought it was because I am her only child. When I gave birth to my first son, she was very excited and often came to help out with house chores.

“She was always taking care of my kids who she loves so much. It was as if she was living together with us. We live in a three-bedroom apartment, so there was enough space for her to stay for as long as she wanted.

“On January 13, my mother came around and it coincided with the time my husband took a week off to rest at home. It never occurred to me that my husband’s one-week rest was tactically planned to coincide with my mother’s coming.

“The setting in my matrimonial home was the best for them because of the kids. They took care of the kids while I went to work, but I did not know that they were also taking care of themselves.

“My mum loves a particular brand of alcohol while my husband also likes a brand of wine, which he always ensured was in the refrigerator.

“So while I was away to work and the kids had gone to school, they kept each other company with their drinks. It never occurred to me that their relationship was beyond mother-in-law and son-in-law.

“On Thursday, January 18, I returned from work and my eldest son came into my room as I was pulling off my dress. He looked worried and confused, so I asked whether his aunty beat him in school or he was not given food, but he said nothing.

“When I prodded him further, he told me that he saw his father and grandmother fighting naked in the visitor’s room and grandma was crying while daddy was on top of her.

“I asked how he got to know, and he said that when he returned from school, grandma bathed him and he slept off after eating because he was tired.

“He said that when he woke up, he went to check on Grandma (Madam Cynthia) in her room and found that she and her father were fighting naked and Grandma was crying under him.

“Obviously, they did not lock the door. He said his father ordered him to go out immediately. Although I was shocked at the revelation, I managed to control my anger and inquire to know more of what went wrong in my absence.

“My son’s claims were actually not unexpected because of my mother’s constant visit to us and her unusual closeness to my husband.

“They were so close and were always in the sitting room together. But another thought came into my mind: the two of them had known each other before I came in, and I actually met my husband through my mother.

“I walked swiftly across the house and into my mother’s room and asked if there was something going on between her and my husband.

“She could not deny the allegation and that caused me to start shedding tears. I just did not know where the tears were coming from.

“My mother calmed me down and narrated the story of her relationship with Joseph and why she insisted that I should marry him.

“She said she got hooked on my husband because he was very good in bed in addition to his good nature. In fact, she described my husband as a Maradona in bed.

“She said that every woman would like such a man and she did not want me to miss out on him because those are the traits that sustain marriages.

“She said she would have felt cheated if Danjuma had married another woman, and that was why she persuaded me to marry him.

“She actually believed she was doing the best for me.”

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