He made the call while inaugurating the Nigerian Meteorological Agency NiMet’s Pilot briefing room at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja.

According to the Minister, Pilot Briefing  is the act of translating Weather observations and forecasts into usable information and advisories for flight planning.

“In the chain of activities is communication. Weather information are available for all the airlines and directly communicated to the Air Traffic Controllers. However, interactive sessions are also available for the Crews of every flight especially the Pilots in the form of Pilot Briefing”.

He said, weather information should not be ignored as it is an essential element for 100% safety of lives, both civilian and military while on ground and during flight.

The Minister stated that, NiMet is present at all airports in every state of the federation to provide adequate, accurate and timely weather information for the use of the flying community.

He listed the information supplied to include, surface and upper Air observations, satellite imageries, OPMET information and Terminal Aerodrome Forecast.

Others are; aerial Report, significant Weather Charts, METAR (Routine Weather Observations and Trend forecasts) and SPECI (Special Weather Report and Trend Forecast).

All these, he said is to ensure, no flight is deprived of required adequate, timely and accurate weather information for take-off, enroute and landing and encouraged.

“For every flight that takes off and land at any airport, weather information must have been consumed in one form. This is principally to ensure safety. For a successful flight operation without delay or cancellation, the weather required for take-off at originating airport, enroute and landing at destination airport must be conducive. Else, safety is already compromised. Remember, there is not bus-stop or parking space in the sky”.

He said, NiMet under his guidance has put in place a remodelled and modernised Pilot Briefing Room that is well equipped with state-of-the-art weather gadgets, and comfortable for every pilot and crew members.